Canvas Care Instructions

Our canvas arts are photos rendered in high-definition quality. So, to avoid having scratches on those prints, never spray them with any kind of cleaner — strong or diluted. Of course, you can avoid scratches by simply not touching the surface of the canvas prints — or even when they’re coated.

Should dust gather, blow them off of the surface gently. Or you can purchase a special canvas brush to clean the wall decor for you. You can also use a feather duster with soft and light bristles to avoid dust build-up. But only use a feather duster if the print is properly coated.

Enjoy Canvas wall prints are waterproof. So you can clean them off by dampening a cloth with water and wiping off significant dirt. If you have other questions, feel free to contact our support team who would be happy to help you.

Safe Place to Store Canvas Print

Don’t store your canvas prints or hang them in the following places:

  1. Basements or attics or other places in the house which often have extremes in temperature and humidity.
  2. Outside walls.
  3. Places in the house where direct sunlight or intense light sources will shine on them.
  4. Above blazing fireplaces and working radiators.

The best place to hang your canvas wall art are places with cool dry environments.

And in closing, we, at Enjoy, hope you’ve picked up something useful from this guide. Remember, however, that these pieces of advice are part of a general guide only. Please feel free to call us or reach out for more specialized advice in caring for your art pieces.

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